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  Fit India Movement
Prime Minister Modi launched the 'Fit India' movement on International Sports Day , saying the initiative is the need of the hour and take our country towards healthier future.
The campaign is aimed at encouraging people to physical activity and sports in their everyday lives. Fitness is zero percent invest with future returns, these are the words of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. People were advised to exercise daily, play recreational games and perform Yoga to stay fit.
Fitness has always been an integral part of our culture.
A few decades back, a normal person would walk 8-10 kms or do a cycling very easily, but nowadays people are lethargic and dull. The younger generation grappling with lifestyle diseases is a worrying trend.
There is surge in diabetes and hypertension cases and other lifestyle diseases. These lifestyle diseases can be fixed with healthy diet, exercise and normal physical activities at home very easily.
Fitness is the need of the hour. But with growing technology, physical activity is reduced and now we have come to a stage where we count our steps on a Mobile App.
The Indian people must eradicate this fitness problem with sincere efforts. These problems are not only the problem of our country, it is an alarming cause for everyone. The entire world is facing lifestyle related health issues. So many campaigns have been organized in different major countries and India is also on the same line.
Success and fitness are closely associated. Everyone has to be fit in order to be Successful,as all the successful persons that we see are fit and healthy.
In this series Sainik School Rewa has performed the same sort of activities which were conducted in morning assembly like free hand exercise, poster making competition on ' Fit body, fit mind - fit environment' etc. conducted consequently. The cadets are involved in practicing Yoga, Gymnastics and many physical activities under the 'Fit India Movement' campaign.
Last updated on : 30/11/2021
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